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Community Spirit: NH Food Bank Fundraiser 2022

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Good Day,

Part of Martial Arts Training, and Black Belt Spirit, is the Discipline and Generosity to Help our Community. Over the last 18 years, Golden Crane has raised food donations for the Food Bank many times to facilitate this understanding and training.

Fundraiser for the NH Food Bank - December 2022

This year, Kyoshi and I would like to, once again, extend to you the opportunity to make a monetary donation to the NH. Food Bank. We have chosen a monetary donation in lieu of goods so the food bank can purchase what they need rather than use what they have. Any left over funds can be used to purchase food at other times of the year rather than just for the holidays.

Please leave a cash or check donation in our Dojo Office. (If paying by check, please make it out to the NH Food Bank so you may deduct it from your taxes.)

Last year Golden Crane raised $1769!!! THANK YOU!!! We would like to beat that goal!!! Please go to for more information about the Food Bank. Our fundraiser will be active from Thursday, Dec. 1st to Thursday, Dec. 15th.

Please give generously.

Thank you! Shihan

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