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Newly Redesigned Artwork for 2020:

          Inspired by a Traditional Japanese print design of the Majestic Japanese Crane, our new 2020 Artwork features the Stylized Golden Crane, standing against a moonlit backdrop of ‘Traditional Gold’.

          Standing in perfect balance and harmony with the Crane, can be seen the silhouette of a karate student, poised in the perfect ‘Crane Stance’.

 'Thank You!to everyone who purchased one (or more) of our new Golden Crane Shirts & Sweatshirts!  We appreciate your Support!

From the Desk of Kyoshi & Shihan:

Dear Students & Parents

           With careful consideration and discussion, we have decided to open the Golden Crane for In-Person (Indoor) Classes, beginning July 13, 2020.

         As we expand our class schedule, and introduce INDOOR Classes, we will be implementing a 'Reservation' system for training INDOORS, to ensure we limit the number of students that attend any given class.  We are still offering Classes Online & Outdoors, so that students have a choice of training options. No reservation will be required for the Online & Outdoor Classes.

         The Safety and Health of our Students & Staff are of the utmost importance.  We will continue to monitor the health crisis along with the CDC & State Guidelines, and adjust our schedule to maximize the training opportunities, while keeping students & staff safe.


Please visit our 'SCHEDULE' Page, for a complete listing of classes available. Thank you!

Study Guide as referred to in Video Lesson May 11 (B)

Fundamentals & Basics in Karate (Downloadable Form)

Golden Crane Referral Program
The Greatest Compliment we can receive is for You to Invite Friends to our School!

Be an Ambassador for the Golden Crane! We value your family’s friendship, and we are sincerely grateful and honored that you have chosen our school. 


We want to attract more families like yours too.  This is why we launched the Golden Crane Ambassador Program.  It is a referral program designed to attract quality people, like you, to our school. It also allows our valued students to share their martial arts experience with their families and friends at a substantial savings!

For each new student(s) that you refer, who enrolls in our Regular Membership, we will take $$ off your monthly tuition, for the entire First Year of your referral's membership!

Please follow the 'Link' for more details. Questions? Please email us. Thank you!


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