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Have an interest in the Japanese Sword?

Open to Golden Crane Students, and Non Students...

Now Offering IAIDO Classes

IAIDO is the formal art of 'Drawing the Sword' (from the saya/sheath).

      This class will offer instruction in the Classical Sword Style of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido.  Students will learn the fundamentals, and reinforce their understanding of the Japanese Sword through 'Kendo Kata', Partner Drills, and Tameshigiri (the art of cutting targets).

IAIDO PROGRAM - Starting in January 2023, this class is open to Teen & Adult ages,. No previous martial arts experience needed!


Contact the office for details, including monthly tuition, and to schedule your Free Trial Class.


Classes are held weekly, on Tuesday evenings, from : 6:00-7:15 pm


Watch for additional events to be added throughout the month.

   NEW!    Weekly Theme for Classes

This month, watch for “themes” to be added to the weeks of training, in all classes. We believe this extra line of communication, will be helpful.

     Have ideas on what you would like to see added to classes? Please email the office, or speak with an instructor. Thank you.

  • Week #1: Feb.27-Mar. 4: Bring-a-Friend Week, & Street Clothes Training

  • Week #2: Mar.  6-Mar..11: Focus on Forms (Kata)

  • Week #3: Mar.13-Mar.18: Focus on Self Defense Skills, and Bunkai (kata application)

  • Week #4: Mar 20-Mar.25: Focus on Curriculum Review (in preparation for belt rank testing)

  • Week #5: Mar.27-Apr. 1:  Improve your performance w/ Speed Drills, Pad Work & Body Dynamics


Please note: Portions of each class will include the themes listed above. Questions? Please email us, or speak with an instructor. Thank you!

Parents Welcome - Observation Days

March.15th & March.18th, 2023

Dear Parents. Guardians & Friends:

     You are invited to come in and watch your child(ren) train. at the following classes: 

  • Wednesday, Mar.15th, at the 5:00 pm Karate Classes; and

  • Saturday, Mar.18th, at the 9:15 am Karate Class.

Limited seating will be available, and we ask that you please remove your shoes before entering the carpeted area of the dojo.

     Covid protocols have been relaxed, and face masks are available for parents who wish to wear one.  
     Questions? Please let us know.
  We look forward to seeing you!

Welcome Spring 'Treasure / Egg Hunt'

Tues, March 21 & Wed, March 22, 2023



       Help us reach out to potential new students by inviting a Friend or Family Member to join you for class** in February! 

         **Important-Guests will be asked to follow our covid guidelines. Face Masks & Social Distancing are encouraged. If your friend is feeling ill, or has a fever or cough, please ask them to wait until they feel well, before  joining you for class. Thank you!

        And, our Referral Program benefits you, offering savings on your tuition*.

        PLUS+,  Students who enroll in our Introductory Program by 2/28/22 will receive an add'l free month of training. 

        Includes Classes for ADULTS, TEENS, YOUTH & JUNIORS [Ages 5 years & up].  

Questions?  Please email us, or stop by the office. Thank you!

(*referral program-please inquire in the office for details.)

Kids Parties!

Now Available at the Golden Crane!

     Whether it’s to Celebrate a Birthday! Or, a Special Event! Look no further, we can help.  Our Team can put together a party that will be non-stop fun from start to finish!

      With various themes & options to select  from, we can ensure your party will be memorable! 

       Golden Crane Families SAVE $50 off the price of our Kids Parties!


Click on the Link to visit our 'KIDS PARTIES' Page! Or, contact the office to schedule your party.

Karate Tournaments!

     Competition is considered the 'Sport' side of karate, and can take the form of Kata (Forms), Kumite (Sparring) and/or Kobudo (Trad'l Weapons Kata).

     Competition provides students with a chance to practice and improve their techniques, demonstrate skills to parents & friends, as well as compete with students in their age & rank category from other schools.

     Tournaments are open to ALL Age Levels, and ALL Rank Levels.

     We plan on making additional practice time available to those who wish to compete.

      Visit our 'TOURNAMENT BULLETIN BOARD' for a complete listing of events, Practice Classes and Registration Info.

Questions? Please email the office, or speak with an instructor. Thank you!

NEW: Karate Tournaments Locally!

  • May   7th: Alliance Karate Tournament (Londonderry, NH)

  • MAY 21st: Shidokan USA Karate Tournament (Londonderry, NH).

Both Events are Open to All Ages & All Rank Levels. Please click on the "Tournament Bulletin Board" link above for details.

Competition Practice Classes:  Open to ALL Ages & ALL Rank Levels, 

  • Tuesdays*   4:45-5:45 pm (*when noted on the activity calendar)

  • Wednesdays   4:15-4:55 pm

  • Saturdays   11:15 am=12:15 pm


Please watch for additional class times to be added. Thank you!

Watch for more karate tournaments to be posted

Watch for more events to be added to our Event Listing!

Traditional Karate
provides a SAFE, FUN Way for students to engage in physical training, mental stimulation, and social interactions!
Through the use of Interactive, yet social distanced classes, we are able to allow students to fill an important developmental tool - Human Interaction!  Students engage in mental drills & challenges, physical workouts & share their experiences...
Image by Thao Le Hoang
GC Online May 20.jpg
Online too, through creative use of Zoom Classes, Breakout Rooms and more! Our classes help fill a void created through this health crisis. A safe Sport / Activity designed to release energy, physically engage, mentally stimulate, and socially encourage students of ALL AGES!
Come try a class for yourself, or for your Child,
and experience what Traditional martial Arts has to offer!

Golden Crane Referral Program

The Greatest Compliment we can receive is for You to Invite Friends to our School!

Be an Ambassador for the Golden Crane! We value your friendship, and we are sincerely grateful and honored that you have chosen our school.

We want to attract more students like yourself. This is why we launched the Golden Crane Ambassador Program. It is a Referral Program designed to attract quality people, like you, to our school. 

For each new student(s) that you refer who enrolls in our Regular Membership, we will take $$ off your monthly tuition, for the entire First Year of your Referral's Membership!

Please follow the "Link" for more details. Questions? Please email us. 

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