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Lighting a candle,

sharing in our nation's grief...

so many lost souls to this horrific virus,

so many grieving families...

You are in our thoughts, and prayers!

MONTHLY Activity Calendar & Class Schedules

Our thoughts and prayers

 are with everyone, at this time.

Students, Parents & Friends,

           We both appreciate your commitment to this school.  We will try to make this as easy as possible so you all may remain safe from the virus.  That is foremost on our minds.

          Stay safe, wash those hands, and we will see you soon. We will be checking our email, and FB messages, so please feel free to reach out to us with any questions. Thank you!

                     Yours in Karate-do, Diane and Lee


     THANK YOU to ALL our Health Professionals, First Responders, and to EVERYONE who is stepping forward at this time our community, and nation, needs you the most.

            THANK YOU!  We can not express fully our gratitude for all that you are doing for us.

         As individuals we will endeavor to do what we can, in our own small way, so that TOGETHER we will get through this crisis.

Be Well! Yours in Karate-do, Diane and Lee

Students & Parents
     We have been given the go-ahead to open Golden Crane for training with universal guidelines for June 2nd, and are currently in the process of finalizing the schedules, and training times as each student will be required to reserve a time to train when participating in IN-PERSON CLASSES.

        We will continue to offer ONLINE 'LIVE' CLASSES weekly.
       If you have not yet contacted the office, please do so.  
We would like to know if you or your family member will be attending the IN-PERSON CLASSES, and/or Continuing with the ONLINE CLASSES.

        Additionally, we plan to also forward the guidelines required to train in person.

Please respond to the office by Friday, May 29th (even if you are not returning).  Thank you!!

For a Limited Time Only!

  Students!  Need an extra boost of training?

Consider Private Classes. 

We are Offering a Free Private Class with Every 5 Class Bundle purchased!  Email for the Details!!

Study Guide as referred to in Video Lesson May 11 (B)

Fundamentals & Basics in Karate (Downloadable Form)


Traditional Martial Arts

46 Lowell Rd, Ste. #6

Windham, NH 03087

Stay Strong! Together

we will get through this.

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