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Adult Karate

Adult Karate: Classes
Feel empowered, and confident!

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For Ages 16 years old, and above.

Students learn to build a strong foundation through the understanding of basic techniques, and the correct body mechanics used. With time, the application of each movement as a self-defense tool is uncovered.

Students will also work on building their strength, increasing their flexibility and balance, and developing core strength. Although working in a group class, each student works within their body's limitations to develop themselves.

Working on physical techniques is only one aspect of Traditional Training. Through the use of forms, and meditation, the students can feel a sense of relaxation, and mental clarity. 

Traditional martial arts shapes the total self: Mind, Body & Spirit!

At the Golden Crane we believe in 'Kaizen' (constant improvement), and we stand ready to assist each student to attain their personal goals.

Traditional Karate
provides a SAFE, FUN Way for students to engage in physical training, mental stimulation, and social interactions!

Through the use of Interactive, yet social distanced classes, we are able to allow students to fill an important developmental tool - Human Interaction!  Students engage in mental drills & challenges, physical workouts & share their experiences...
Your journey in the martial arts is measured in your own personal growth.
Golden Crane provides quality instruction both Online and In-Person!
Online too, through creative use of Zoom Classes, Breakout Rooms and more! Our classes help fill a void created through this health crisis. A safe Sport / Activity designed to release energy, physically engage, mentally stimulate, and socially encourage students of ALL AGES!

Come try a class for yourself, or for your Child,
and experience what Traditional martial Arts has to offer!
Adult Schedule

ADULT Class Schedule

We are currently offering Classes both In-Person & Online.

Visit the 'Schedule Page' to view a complete listing of all current classes. Thank you!

(*Following CDC & State Guidelines, to ensure the best possible safety & cleanliness protocols.)

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