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for Golden Crane Traditional Martial Arts

Here you will find posts and articles about our students, and traditional martial arts in general. Enjoy!

Catching Up! A Great End to 2023!

GC Fundraiser to Benefit the NH Food Bank!

Wow! We ended our 2023 Fundraising event by raising a total of $2300! A huge 'Thank you!' to everyone for their generosity!

Over the last 19 years, Golden Crane Traditional Martial Arts has helped raise food donations for the Food Bank, and we are very proud of everyone at the Golden Crane, all of the Parents, students & friends, who helped raise money in support of the NH Food Bank! 

Thank you!

Cranes for Peace: An Origami Tale!

Success! Over 550 Origami Cranes were folded, and hung to decorate an outdoor Holiday Tree this past December 2023, on the Windham Town Common, as Golden Crane Traditional Martial Arts participated in Windham’s 2023 Adopt-a-Tree Program.

Students from the Golden Crane learned about the Japanese Art of Folding Paper, known as Origami and then got busy folding Paper Cranes! Coming together with Family & Friends, they passed on the knowledge of ‘how to’ make these cranes to each other. Together we exceeded our goal of 500 Origami Cranes!

We hope that you and your family stopped by the Windham Town Common this holiday season to enjoy all the Holiday decorations and activities that the Windham Recreation Department put on. Special recognition to Cheryl Haas for coordinating the events!

As a Traditional Martial Arts School, Golden Crane teaches students about the art of Karate, Japanese Sword and more. But, along with these lessons, we provide education about the culture and philosophy surrounding the martial arts.

Folding cranes allowed us to revisit the legend of ‘Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes’, a traditional tale told of a young girl who lived in Hiroshima, Japan. She was exposed to radiation, and diagnosed with Leukemia. Sadako strived to fold 1,000 origami cranes in her earnest desire to be healed (although she fell short of her goal at 644!). The story of the Origami Crane has become a symbol of hope and peace, and Sadako’s story an inspiration to people around the world.

Contact Us: Golden Crane Traditional Martial Arts is located at 46 Lowell Rd, Windham NH (conveniently located between Golden Brook and Center Schools – in the Golden Brook Commons). We welcome all inquiries regarding classes & programs, for ages 5 years & up. Email for more information. Thank you.


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