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Local Teen Earns National Coaching Credentials!

Congratulations to John Ono Jurkiewicz, for having completed the AAU* National Coaching Course, and becoming a certified AAU Technical Coach which is the highest level possible to achieve! (*Since its inception in 1888, the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) has set the standard for amateur sports in the USA.)

John demonstrates his many roles in competition from Coach, to Referee to Successful Competitor!
New Coach! J.Jurkiewicz

John is currently a student at Golden Crane Traditional Martial Arts, located in Windham, NH.  He is a successful National & International Competitor, and a Black Belt (in both Goju-ryu & Shorin-ryu Karate). He has recently become active in working with, and mentoring, younger competitors & students to assist them in reaping the benefits that training in Traditional Martial Arts can bring.

“…Four years ago, we met Hanshi Diane McMullen and the family Golden Crane Traditional Martial Arts.  John started training in both traditional Karate, and continuing his journey in competition karate.  So much work, dedication, time and passion in this art.  He has consistently set and achieved goals through focus and determination. 

Today, another milestone.  A goal set, work done, and now John you are an official Technical Coach in AAU Karate.   You take such pride in your team, always wanting the very best for all.  Dad and I are so very proud of you, sir!  Keep reaching for your dreams, John!  …” quoted from Jennie (John’s mother)


To achieve this National Recognition, and earn his ‘AAU Technical Coaching Certificate’, John was required to complete the AAU Coaching Course which includes hours of study of Competition Rules, Q & A sessions, and then applying this knowledge to the Final Multi-question Exam.

Additionally, John completed the Positive Coaching Alliance Course. The philosophy behind this section is one of encouraging athletes with positive reinforcement which helps them hear and heed the necessary corrections.

As a Certified AAU Technical Coach, John has earned the coveted ‘Red Coaching Shirt’ which he will be wearing to future events. We wish John all the best in his new role! 

Golden Crane now has 2 Certified Technical Coaches, as John joins his instructor, Hanshi D. McMullen who is also an AAU Certified Technical Coach.


Contact Us: Golden Crane Traditional Martial Arts is located at 46 Lowell Rd, Windham NH (conveniently located between Golden Brook and Center Schools – in the Golden Brook Commons). We welcome all inquiries regarding classes & programs, for ages 5 years & up. Email for more information. Thank you.




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