February 1, 2020

          Great training and fun. The school is based on traditional techniques with each student receiving personal attention and great respect.

November 9, 2019

          it's a complete martial arts school and very well run with outstanding instructors

James R Villemaire

July 16, 2019

I recommend everything. Great instructors, traditional training, awesome atmosphere, everything, just everything.

Thomas Pierog


Additional Reviews

From a Parent

          Our 10 yr old son Alex loves Golden Crane! Diane is 1 of the highest ranked female martial arts practitioners in the country! She holds a Godan, 5th degree black belt in traditional weapons, as well as black belt in 4 additional styles of martial arts and many other accomplishments!  She also has the patience of a saint!

Tracey A.,   March 1, 2017

Highly Recommend!

          Golden Crane is an excellent school and I would highly recommend it. The school has excellent energy, is extremely well kept and always spotless.  You can tell the staff take pride in their school.  

          The Tai Chi instructor is amazing and possess all the qualities you would want from a teacher and she is knowledgeable, provides good feedback, thoughtfully answers questions and demonstrates patience as her students learn.  

          Highly recommend!

Banjo A.,   January 27, 2017