Holiday Gift Membership for Karate, at the Golden Crane in Windham NH

Programs for New Students

Holiday Gift Membership
in Traditional Martial Arts


  • FREE Orientation Class - Available In-person or Online.

  • FREE Uniform & Belt (*New students only)

  • 6-Week Membership

  • Flexible Training - Please visit our 'Class Schedule Page' (or click on the link below) to view our complete class schedule.

  • Available for New Students enrolling in the Adult, Teen, Youth & Junior Programs

  • Classes are available both In-Person, and Online

  • Holiday Gift Membership: Just $99

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Share the Experience, and Train as a Family!

Foggy Lake




KENJUTSU (Japanese Sword):  Level I Class

5-Week Sword Course

The Art of the Japanese Sword

Learn the Basics of the Japanese Sword, through the use of the bokken (the wooden sword). A New Session begins in January 2023, and this would be a great Holiday Gift!


Bokken (Wooden Sword) is available for purchase!

This Course is open to any one, ages 6 yrs and older.

NO karate or weapons experience required!

Kids Sword Classes (5 Weeks)

  • Wed, 4:00-4:55 pm    Starting: Jan.11, 2023

Teen & Adult Sword Classes (5 Weeks

  • Sat, 11:15 am- 12:15 pm   Starting: Jan.14, 2023

Contact the Office for more information, pricing, and to Enroll.

Karate is a journey. Start yours today.


This is an ideal way to experience Traditional Martial Arts, and learn what the Golden Crane has to offer you.

Our Introductory Karate Program offers a short term membership for new students, in addition to our regular programs. 


  • FREE Introductory Class - Choose either an In-person or Online Class.

  • FREE Quality Karate Uniform & Belt

  • 3 Months of Flexible Training - Classes are available mornings, afternoons and/or evenings, depending on the age group.

  • A Flexible Start Date - Begin your training when you are ready!

  • No Contracts - Our memberships are not contracts. Our enrollment is based on a mutual understanding that we will provide you, and/or your child[ren] with the best possible education and experience we can.

  • Available for New Students enrolling in the Adult, Teen, Youth & Junior Programs

Gift Memberships are also available!

White Sand and Stone

NEW PROGRAM: Sword Classes !

Open to Golden Crane Students, and Non Students...

Coming in January 2023

IAIDO Classes

IAIDO PROGRAM - Starting in January 2023, this class is open to Teen & Adult ages,. No previous martial arts experience needed!

Iaido is the formal art of 'Drawing the Sword'.  This class will offer Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido, as well as reinforcing the use of the Japanese Sword through 'Kendo Kata', Partner Drills, and Tameshigiri (the art of cutting targets).


Classes will be held weekly, on Tuesday evenings, beginning Jan. 3, 2023,

Class Time: 6:00-7:15 pm

~ Using Modern Technology, to Teach Traditional Karate ~
Read more about our 'Online Classes'.
Traditional Karate
provides a SAFE, FUN Way for students to engage in physical training, mental stimulation, and social interactions!
Through the use of In-person Interactive, yet socially distanced classes, we are able to allow students to fill an important developmental tool - Human Interaction!  Students engage in mental drills & challenges, physical workouts & share their experiences...
Golden Crane Karate offers in-person & online classes.
Golden Crane Karate offers online & inperson classes.
AND, Online too!  Through the creative use of Zoom Classes, Breakout Rooms and more! Our classes help fill a void created through this health crisis. A safe Sport / Activity designed to release energy, physically engage, mentally stimulate, and socially encourage students of ALL AGES!

Come try a class for yourself, or for your Child,
and experience what Traditional martial Arts has to offer!