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Look for Training to Get a Lot MORE "ENERGIZED" in 2023!

Training Equipment

Let’s start by Welcoming

the NEW “V. BOB TRAINING BAG” in to the DOJO!

          V.BOB is a real training partner, with a lifelike face, and ‘on guard’ arms, which allows students to practice controlled targeting & strikes. The padded base is ideal for practicing lower strikes, and leg kicks.

And Look for MORE training in class with Practical Applications for Kata (Bunkai), Speed Drills & Developing Power through Body Mechanics using our Heavy Bags, Kick Shields and Focus Mitts.


Students will find it helpful to have a pair of Bag Gloves for class!

We've Got You Covered With a Selection of Recommended Bag Gloves!

Bag Gloves

Why Bag Gloves? We Encourage Students to Purchase a Pair of Bag Gloves to protect their hands while training, rather than use their Sparring Gloves* (*sparring gloves are made specifically for light contact sparring, and will not do well with striking bag surfaces over an extended period of time.)

          Additionally, Bag Gloves offer enhanced wrist support, and the internal ‘grip bar’ will assist students to maintain correct fist formation. Questions? Please let us know

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